Leslie Roth has drawn and painted throughout her life. Her works serve as her journal.

Leslie has worked in just about every medium known to artists. After the childhood crayon and tempera days, she moved on to all forms of pencils, pen and ink, guache, and oils. In contrast to her work in clay, her painting focus is in watercolor. These two mediums are contradictory as well as interdependent: Painting in watercolor presents an instant and lighter result, with a sense of volume influenced by sculpture while the ceramic sculpture is finished by using glazes as if they were on a palatte of watercolors.

The subject matter that drew Leslie to record her world never wavered. The human form was always there, as were architectural elements, with pulsating narrative of real life often juxtaposed to still life. Taking multiple photographs as reference to a physical setting, she then constructs her own narrative by manipulating the architecture and placing figures or objects within that setting, creating an imagined scene. Her "people", friends and relatives as well as professional models and strangers on the street, with their relationships to one another, to her, or to their environments, these are the stories found in her life's art journal.