Self Portrait ParisAn artist since childhood, Leslie’s career has spanned a variety of directions, media, and venues.

While still a student at Washington University’s School of Fine Art, she worked as a Special Events and Fashion Illustrator at Famous Barr and Company and Hallmark. After graduating with studies both in Painting and Design, she worked as an Illustrator at a Chicago Design and Publishing Studio while freelancing and pursuing further studies at the Chicago Art Institute.

Drawn to San Francisco, Leslie designed and illustrated Products, Packaging, and Advertising Brochures at Vandor Imports. Later, while freelancing, she continued pursuing her love of painting and printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute and the University of California.

Moving more and more into the milieu of Fine Arts, she concentrated on Watercolor Painting and Ceramic Sculpture, while continuing to work on commercial commissions.

She was accepted into the Cite Internationale des Art, Paris, where she spent several months at a time for many years as an Artist in Residence. Her focus in Paris was the cultural passion for the culinary arts that the French share. This led her to years of delicious paintings and ceramic pieces on the theme of food, marketing, cooking, and dining with gusto!

Leslie has exhibited throughout the US and Asia in galleries such as the Virginia Brier Gallery and the Dorothy Weiss Gallery in San Francisco and The Ferrin Gallery in Northampton, Massachusettes, and museums including The American Craft Museum in New York, the Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum, The Renwick Gallery of the Nationional Museum of American Art at the Smithsonian Institution, and the Jewish Museum of San Francisco. Her paintings and ceramic work are in the Corporate Collections of Celestial Seasonings and The Basic American Food Company as well as private collections in America and Europe, including those of Anne Getty, David Charak, Tom and Diane Durst, and Barbara and Gene Spector. Her ability to translate Fine Art into Commercial Art has been shown in everything from illustration to wall murals, from narrative teapots to tabletop dishware.